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Vanquish heel mites in horses

Vanquish Heel Mites in Horses

Heel Mites or Itchy heels

To Vanquish Heel Mites in Horses can be amongst the most hardest things to treat, as they are about the most stubborn of all parasites that a horse can suffer with.

They cause a condition commonly called heel mange (chorioptic mange).

The cause of this particular ailment is the Chorioptes bovis mite. They are surface mites, living on the skin of the horses heel. They cause a parasitic skin infestation, but are less pathogenic than Psoroptes mites.

Heel mites affect heavily feathered breeds such as cobs, Shires, Clydesdales and Friesians, and other UK native ponies.

Horses affected, with an infestation of heel mites, will typically stamp their hooves. They will also bite and/or rub at the backs of their legs.

Some cases can develop severe crusting and scaling of the skin on the lower limbs, with skin thickening and general swelling. This can become infected and quite debilitating. It is therefore important to treat and control the condition effectively in the early stages.

The mites live at the base of the horses hair and feed on skin debris. Irritation is caused by feeding, which leads to the animal rubbing itself and creating lesions.

The adult mites can survive off the ground for around three weeks, meaning transmission can be via bedding and housing as well as by direct contact.

Heel mite causing itchy heels
Heel mite causing itchy heels
Heel mites causing scabs etc
pictures of mites on horses

What are the signs?

Signs to look out for can be some or all of the following:

  • Crumbly, scurfy and dry skin on horses’ legs and heels
  • Stamping hind legs
  • Biting heels and legs
  • Chewing heels and legs when lying down
  • Rubbing legs up against fencing, posts and trees
  • Thickened ridges in the heels
  • Sores and scabs
  • Hair loss on horses’ legs
  • Greasy skin and hair behind the knees and below the point of hock

How to Vanquish Heel Mites in Horses

We have created a specific cream for this, what can be a persistent problem. Use ‘Capa’s Heel Mite Relief Balm’.

It is a natural treatment for mites in horses. Formulated to Vanquish heel mites in horses, with natural oils and plant extracts to create a soothing cream that not only gives your horse comfort in affected areas, but also keeps those pesky mites at bay.

Not only will it Vanquish heel mites in horses, it aids the repair of any affected skin area, and promotes the regrowth of hair.

This is a totally new product from us, but has already received great reviews by those who are using it. Some people are saying that they have never found another product that gives the same results. All of this using no chemicals. As a result you can be sure that your horse is receiving the best available.

Your horse deserves to be comfortable, by using ‘Capa’s Heel Mite Relief Balm’ you will ensure that they get it.

You can Vanquish heel mites in horses with our choice of two sized jars, 250ml and 500ml jars, which come with anti-tamper lids.

Vanquish heel mites in horses by treating your horse now with ‘Capa’s Heel Mite Relief Balm’. Give them the comfort that they deserve with the best horse mite treatment.

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Heel mites horse biting heels
Heel mite free horse

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