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Understanding Horses

The understanding of horses and the way they live can be very complex.

Horses prefer to live in herds rather than by themselves. They need company much as most human beings do.

Understanding horses. Herd of horses

They like to roam and make life as interesting as possible for themselves, again much like we do.

Here you can find some useful hints and tips to help your horse in its day to day living with you. And how you can care for it when the need arises.

Much like us, horses come with their own range of illnesses and diseases. Some are very similar to those that people can suffer, such as colic.

Others are far more serious and complex and require specialist types of creams, balms and other items. Helping to heal and soothe a horse is a magical thing.

Here at Woolnough’s we like to offer the benefit of our own knowledge, expertise. With many, many years of hands on experience, to help you.

In other words, we want to help you with any problems that you may have with your horse.

You can feel free to contact us anytime with questions or concerns about your horse/s whatever the problem. We will try our very best to help advise and guide you toward your next course of action.

As we said at the beginning, understanding horses is not easy, but with our expertise we hope to make it a lot easier for you!

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