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The World of Woolnough’s

We are a family business based in the South Shropshire countryside with over Forty years experience working with natural solutions for our own and other peoples animals.

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Products

Our Practice

To put it as simply as possible, at the world of Woolnough’s our practice is to keep our products as “natural” as possible.

Just using the term “natural” can be complicated as many natural (not synthetic) compounds are poisonous, for instance, arsenic is probably the best known example.

With regard to our own Natural Equine products, our practice can best be summed up as follows:

At the world of Woolnough’s all of our Natural Equine products are based as far as possible on plant extracts and oils.

The World of Woolnough's natural plants

Through years of experience and formulation we know that the quality of the ingredients and extracts that we use is the key to success. For instance, plant extracts and oils are at their most potent when they are pure and fresh. That is the most important factor and we never, compromise on this.

We mentioned briefly on the “what is natural?” question above. Therefore we only use natural based oils and, our products contain no synthetic fragrances or artificial colourings.

Our first principle is: always use the purest natural ingredients possible.

Therefore the ingredients that we use in our balms etc are displayed on the product label.

As with all products, Natural Equine products must do the job efficiently and effectively.

With a combination of the old fashioned knowledge and, the latest technology and developments in scientific formulas, we can achieve what we consider the best performance possible.

We care about your animals so our Equine products must do exactly what it says on the jar.

We also need for both you and your animals to have the confidence in our products.

Generally the extracts and oils have a naturally lovely aroma but touch and feel is also important.

We believe that we have achieved the right combination because of the consistent feedback over many, many years.

All our own products are made in England.

We use our own facility in Shropshire where we control the full manufacturing process and quality control.

We know every ingredient that has gone into each batch and keep meticulous records for future reference when designing new products.

As a business we care deeply about the environmental impact that we may have on our ecosystem.

The World of Woolnough's Recyclable logo

We ensure that we do everything that we can to minimise any negative impact upon it. Recyclable jars and recyclable packaging are used for all of our products.

We also use recyclable shipping boxes and tape.

The World of Woolnough's anti tamper security

All of our product jars are have tamper proof seals to give you peace of mind when buying our products. You can be sure that what is in the jar is what should be in the jar. If you should ever find a jar on display with a broken seal, please report it to the outlet you are looking to purchase from immediately.

Our Team

The World of Woolnough’s team, is built on people of knowledge, and experience encompassing over 100 years of both between them. You can rely on the fact that all of our knowledge and know how goes into our products and we are constantly striving to research new products to better the lives of our Equine friends and loved ones.

 You can rely on the world of Woolnough’s to always bring you quality and safety in all of our products.

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