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Tazmin’s Placid Calming Balm


Tazmin’s Placid Calming Balm, does exactly what it says on the jar

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Tazmin’s Placid Calming Balm

Tazmin’s Placid Calming Balm, does exactly what it says on the jar. Formulated and made with your horses comfort in mind, we have used the best natural ingredients to create this balm for your horse/s as a result this will help to give them more comfort and less anxiety.

We have included natural plant products that as a result will help create a feeling of calm as well as comfort.


  • Use and apply as required. To start with apply twice daily until signs of improvement show, then reduce to once daily.
  • Once in use and general signs of improvement are apparent, reduce use as needed
  • Formulated to aid in the comfort of your horses anxiety and stress
  • Helps to soothe and calm your horses general demeanour as a result making your horse much happier
  • Designed for nervous or excitable horses
  • Help excitable horses and ponies find the calm and serene attitude they need
  • Absorbs quickly without causing hair matting
  • All natural ingredients
  • Can be applied around sensitive areas
  • 250ml jar should last 2-4 weeks 500ml jar should last 6-8 weeks on weekly applications

Tazmin’s Placid Calming Balm is made just for your horse.

Contains: Chamomile and other natural ingredients

Available in two sized jars: 250ml or 500ml.

Made in England

Directions for use of Tazmin’s Placid Calming Balm:

Always patch test an area first and wait 24 Hours.

Apply as required to the back and underside areas. A small amount can also be applied around the forehead to aid in calming.

Avoid direct contact with all sensitive areas where possible such as mouth, eyes, ears etc.

Apply directly using a clean sponge or glove.

Apply twice daily until signs of improvement show then reduce to once daily until the horse is more calm.

Do not use for more than 6 continuous weeks without a two week break.

For sweet itch problems use Saracen’s Sweet Itch Relief Balm as required.

Keep away from children and vulnerable people. This is not to be ingested orally. External use only.
Wash any contaminated areas immediately. Seek medical help if required.

Always wash hands after use.


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All of our packaging is fully recyclable. If you return your container to the retailer from whom you purchased it, you will receive a £0.50 credit against your next purchase. We aim to create as much carbon neutrality as possible in the manufacture of our products.



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Terms and Conditions
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