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Plant Based Healing

Many plants which we as a society are familiar with, were first grown for their healing properties. As a result knowledge about plant based healing and its benefits has been gained over millennia.

Plants have not only been used for the healing of people, but also for the healing of animals. They have and continue to be used, in poultices, oral medicines and those that are injected.

Animals have a built in instinct as to what is good and what is bad, and under normal circumstances they will stay away from the bad. They do however know what they need and when they need it. As a result they will instinctively seek out those plants etc when feeling unwell.

Some of the Plants that we use:

We use a multitude of various plants and herbs in our products. The aim is to keep our products as natural as is possible which as a result will give your horse/s the best possible care.


First referred to by the Greeks as “earth apple” and later by the Germans as “water of youth”.
Historically Chamomile is used for effecting calmness and soothing. Like all plants it can have its adverse affects as well therefore should only be used as directed.

The plant looks similar to daisies, as a result is often mistaken as such.

This is one of the ingredients used in ‘Saracen’s Sweet Itch Relief Balm

Plant Based Healing Chamomile field full of calm and cure
Plant Based Healing a field of lavender


Also known as “Lavendula”, there are 47 known varieties of this plant. We use one particular type of this plant known for its properties in healing and aiding in comfort.

Lavender is used in ‘Dina’s Cuts & Grazes Balm

Black Pepper:

This is a flowering vine cultivated for its fruit the peppercorn. Black pepper is the worlds most traded spice, and has been used for millennia for its medicinal purposes.

We use black pepper as one of the ingredients in ‘Forest’s Joint & Muscle Massage Balm‘.

black pepper
tea tree

Tea Tree:

A plant that is native to Australia and is widely used by many including the Aborigines for its anti-septic abilities. Tea Tree is also known to reduce inflammation. It is highly toxic if taken orally.

We use tea tree in ‘Saracen’s Sweet Itch Relief Balm

Lemon Grass:

Is a recognised anti-pest controller. Lemon Grass has non-toxic side effects which allow its use not only as a tea, but also in conjunction with other plants to stimulate their effects.

We use lemon grass in ‘Saracen’s Sweet Itch Relief Balm

lemon grass with its anti-pest properties
Plant Based Healing eucalyptus trees growing in their native land


There are many different types of Eucalyptus which is mainly generic to the Australian mainland. Eucalyptus is used as a powerful natural disinfectant and is greatly beneficial in the treatment of horses and other animals.

Eucalyptus is a main ingredient in ‘Guv’s breathe easy balm

Hemp Seed:

A variety of the Cannabis plant, it was first used some 50,000 years ago to be spun into usable fibers for various uses. Unlike the usual Marijuana plant the hemp seed contains a almost no amount of delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

It is used both orally, and in conjunction with other natural ingredients to boost the healing process.

Hemp seed is used as part of the ingredient mix in ‘Tazmin’s calming balm

hemp in its natural habitat

These are just some of the natural plants that we use in our products. We use many more as well which have many types of healing and additive properties in order for us to help your horse/s even more.

You can be sure that we will always look to provide you with the best possible products and advice that we can so that, you can provide your horse/s with the best possible care that you can.


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