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Welcome To Woolnough’s

If your horse has a problem you will more than likely find an aid to helping them through using our products

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Welcome to Woolnough’s

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These are some of our more popular balms

Welcome to Woolnough’s

Customer Product Reviews


Product: Capa’s Heel Mite Relief Balm

Please could we have some more heel mite cream? It’s great stuff 😊

Kim Yard Manager Hopton Rehab & Homing

Capa's Calm Heel Mite Relief Balm


Product: Bess’s Sarcoid Balm

Love it many thanks 😍

Jill (eBay)

Bess's Helpful Sarcoid Balm

Customer Product Reviews


Product: Saracen’s Sweet Itch Relief Balm

As we move into midge season we are grateful to our sponsors Woolnough’s creams for their ongoing support in providing us with their various types of creams for all sorts of needs.

We primarily use the sweet itch cream which has proven to be very successful on a wide variety of horses last year.

We look forward to receiving a new batch in readiness to fight the midges which will soon be reappearing.

Lin (Trustee) Hopton Rehab & Homing

Saracen's Amazing Sweet Itch Relief Balm


Product: Bess’s Sarcoid Balm

Good Value

Clive (eBay)

Bess's Helpful Sarcoid Balm

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